On Monday, 12 August 2013 at 10:38:21 UTC, Russel Winder wrote:

Anecdotal experience indicates this musn't be an "or" situation.

Perhaps. My response in this thread derived from a brief exchange Jonathan and I had over at github. In packaging Derelict for Fedora, he had been relying on a pull request I accepted from him some time ago that added shared library support to the Derelict build script. I decided to remove it as it has fallen out of sync with the static builds now and again and it was only there for his use. At any rate, as part of my plans to restructure the project, I'm going to drop the build script and rely on dub exclusively. From his post here coming so soon after our exchange, I get the impression that I may not be the only one he's heard that from.

As long as packaging the various distros doesn't require any constraints on how I manage my projects, then it doesn't matter too much to me where or how people package it up. However, I do see benefits to promoting dub as the means to build up the D ecosystem. Then it's a central, goto location for D libraries and everybody's on the same page. As long as dmd/gdc/ldc and dub are available via the distro packages, that's all that really matters

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