On Monday, 12 August 2013 at 13:46:52 UTC, David wrote:
I don't know how it is for other distros, but the newest dmd and ldc version are available in the Archlinux's [community] repository while gdc and dub are available in the AUR, meaning you get a fully working D
environment on Archlinux by doing

LDC is in [community] already

Um, that is what I wrote, isn't it?

, and iirc Dicebot is working on
GDC into [community], too

Yes, I currently maintain the gdc-git package in AUR and he contacted me about getting it into [community]. But since gdc-git is a development package based on gcc 4.9 instead of gcc 4.8 (like current Arch [core] gcc), I made a seperate package "gdc" (also available in the AUR atm) for that purpose. I believe that when he's done with the PGP key issue and has looked the PGKBUILD for the "gdc" package over he'll adopt the "gdc" package into [community], at which point it'll be removed from the AUR.

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