On Sunday, 13 October 2013 at 09:42:48 UTC, Kagamin wrote:
You make it sound like linking with C++ libraries is an easy task. I think, I know how to express difference between C++ and D: newer versions of C++ can compile legacy C++ code, while D drops C++ compatibility for language redesign, which leads to very limited compatibility with C++, but reasonably retains C ecosystem. C++ ecosystem is the feature of C++, similar to Java, this often outweighs purely linguistic features. This can be added to the "Criticism" section.

Yes, that part should be more detailed, but I have to learn that myself yet. Something like classes, overloading works, but templates (STL, Boost) does not.

I would not consider this "criticism", since most other languages (Python,Rust,Go) require C wrappers for C++ libraries.

The template syntax wasn't introduces at this point.

Good point.

Unfortunately, there is no logging module in the standard library as of October 2013. Such materials tend to bit rot, so it's better to mention the date.

Correct. That is not a problem specific to the logging statement, though. Every page contains the date in the footer.

Code examples are without background, which is not as nice as in the previous version.

I am not sure about this. Personally, I see myself skipping either the text or the code blocks, when the have different backgroud colors. The same-background design tries to encourage reading text and code as one unit.

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