On 2013-10-17 22:35, Andrej Mitrovic wrote:

- Walter is still not tagging the beta releases by the file name (it's
always dmd2beta.zip). I've complained about this several times and
IIRC someone else did as well at dconf (maybe I'm remembering wrong
though). They should at least be named as "dmd2_064_beta1.zip",
"dmd2_064_beta2.zip". And all of them should always be available for
download (including visibility on the download page), so people who do
not use Git or build manually from master can quicky check whether a
regression was introduced in a specific beta version.

Please make it "dmd.2_064_beta1.zip" and "dmd.2_064_beta2.zip" instead. This will automatically make it compatible with DVM. The important thing here is "dmd.<whatever>".

So that's what I'm protesting about.

Agree with everything you said.

/Jacob Carlborg

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