On 10/18/13, eles <e...@eles.com> wrote:
> IIRC, Walter wanted that file to always be named dmd.zip or
> dmd2.zip or whatever, in order to allow a permanent download
> link, while guaranteeing the file to be the latest version of the
> tool.

This is the wrong approach. There should be a "latest_beta" file which
holds the name of the latest beta zip. Then automatic download tools
can read this file before attempting to download the beta. And for
everyone else who manually downloads, they should be able to see what
the latest version is on the website.

This isn't a novelty approach, many open-source libraries host their
sources in a tarball on an FTP server with a LATEST file.

Speaking of which, insisting on using .zip files is another beef I
have with Walter. The whole "everyone on Windows is stuck in the 90s"
mentality is plain wrong, especially for programmers. 7zip (or Peazip
or whatever) should be part of every modern programmer's toolbox.

If you've tried to investigate some source code of an open-source
library in the last 15 years you must have ran into the issue of
having to open tarballs, or more specifically non-zip/non-rar
archives. I just can't believe there would still be programmers that
use Winzip or the lousy built-in Windows unzipper.

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