On Wednesday, 6 November 2013 at 20:11:13 UTC, Aleksandar Ruzicic wrote:
versions must be marked with rc, as betas are marked with b "flag". Something like 2.064-rc.1, 2.064-rc.2, ... 2.064 (stable/major release), 2.064.1 (patch release), ...

This (-rc.xx) is how RC versions should be marked as per SEMVER "standard" (http://semver.org), although I know that D doesn't follow semantic versioning as defined in that standard.

The D version numbers fail requirement 2 of semantic versioning:

2. A normal version number MUST take the form X.Y.Z where X, Y, and Z are non-negative integers, and MUST NOT contain leading zeroes.

I know that was discussed somewhere, but I don't know/recall why there is a leading zero in the minor version number.

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