Jacob Carlborg, el  6 de November a las 22:06 me escribiste:
> On 2013-11-06 20:57, Walter Bright wrote:
> >It was intended. I felt that 2.064 => 2.064.1 would have been confusing,
> >hence 2.064 => 2.064.2
> That's what's happening if you start to add new digits. The first
> release should have possibly been 2.064.0. BTW, there was a 2.063.1,
> if I recall correctly.

I also have the impression I saw a 2.063.1. There are certainly posts in
the devel list about that version, there is none with that version in
the download directory:

Maybe the discussion was about 2.063.1 but then Walter name it 2.063.2,
or maybe it was removed from the web server?

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