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> On Wednesday, 6 November 2013 at 20:11:13 UTC, Aleksandar Ruzicic
> wrote:
> >versions must be marked with rc, as betas are marked with b
> >"flag". Something like 2.064-rc.1, 2.064-rc.2, ... 2.064
> >(stable/major release), 2.064.1 (patch release), ...
> >
> >This (-rc.xx) is how RC versions should be marked as per SEMVER
> >"standard" (http://semver.org), although I know that D doesn't
> >follow semantic versioning as defined in that standard.
> The D version numbers fail requirement 2 of semantic versioning:
> 2. A normal version number MUST take the form X.Y.Z where X, Y, and
> Z are non-negative integers, and MUST NOT contain leading zeroes.
> I know that was discussed somewhere, but I don't know/recall why
> there is a leading zero in the minor version number.

I think because back in the stone age, it was hard to sort versions like
this: 1.5 and 1.15. Lexicographically speaking 1.5 > 1.15.

I don't think there is any reason now for leading zero, just historical
reasons. It would be awesome to get DMD follow semantic versioning as
much as possible. Even when is not really a library, I guess the
language specification can be taken as the API. The only problem is from
time to time some tiny non backwards compatible changes are made and
I don't anyone would like to bump the major version because of that. But
I think an exception could be made for that, and I think those changes
appear less and less frequently, so it shouldn't be a big issue.

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