On Tuesday, 28 January 2014 at 16:24:32 UTC, dennis luehring wrote:
Am 28.01.2014 17:16, schrieb Sarath Kodali:
I expect this is how it will be even with dbg and IDEs. The IDE
will have a plugin that sits between the debugger and IDE. The
communication between the IDE plugin and debugger will be over a
socket and the dbg output will be in JSON format so that IDE
plugin can parse it properly. Depending on the IDE, the plugin
will be either a library (dll) or an independent executable.

its a little bit different to pin because pin is the host
of the given tool-communication dll - so the dll interface is the interface not JSON

(pin(tool dll<--)-- any protocol --> ide/whatever

in your idea

dbg <--- socker/JASON --> ide/whatever

the question is - debuggers needs to throw masses
of information around - why put a slow JSON parser between, every single step command gets JSONed, parsed, singlestep, result gets JSOned etc... millions of times - why?

I'm not fixated on JSON :) I thought that is more popular now-a-days :). Today dbg outputs in human readable format. After the alpha release, I will add the machine readable format - what everyone prefers.

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