On Saturday, February 01, 2014 23:54:06 Idan Arye wrote:
> On Saturday, 1 February 2014 at 19:52:59 UTC, Dicebot wrote:
> > Looking at http://wiki.dlang.org/Review_Queue there are 4
> > proposals that are marked as "Ready for review" or "Ready for
> > comments". I can proceed with any of those any time proposal
> > author sends me an e-mail acknowledging his attention.
> > 
> > Walter Bright, Idan Arye, Paul D. Anderson, Michael Rynn - I am
> > speaking about you ;)
> > 
> > Also if there is something ready but not in queue - don't
> > hesitate about it.
> I would prefer that you start with std.xml2. XML is too damn
> common for D to not have a proper XML module in the standard
> library.
> std.idioms can wait. It's ready as far as I care - it's a little
> bit thin(only two idioms), but the idea was that once it get
> accepted, other people can add their idioms there. But like I
> said - XML should get priority.

I believe that the last time that Michael Rynn posted in the newsgroup was 
towards the beginning of 2012, and I don't think that he posted very many 
times before that, so I question that his proposal is ever going to go 
anywhere, even if it's completed and fantastic. He doesn't look like he's 
active enough to even see this call for review candidates let alone actually 
active enough to go through the review process.

- Jonathan M Davis

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