On Sunday, 2 February 2014 at 01:49:06 UTC, Jonathan M Davis wrote:
I believe that the last time that Michael Rynn posted in the newsgroup was towards the beginning of 2012, and I don't think that he posted very many times before that, so I question that his proposal is ever going to go anywhere, even if it's completed and fantastic. He doesn't look like he's active enough to even see this call for review candidates let alone actually
active enough to go through the review process.

- Jonathan M Davis

Yup, I am going to transfer those entries into "On hold / Awaiting champion" status if authors won't express any interest during few next reviews.

Anyway, Brian has told me in IRC that his new (now generic) std.lexer is ready for initial review / discussion, so I'll go with it for now.

Idan, std.idioms can be next - there is no point in waiting for authors of other proposal to re-appear, queue is almost empty in practice.

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