On Saturday, 24 May 2014 at 18:12:40 UTC, Tolga Cakiroglu wrote:
When you started talking about writing your Floppy Disk
driver for your kernel without using BIOS or DOS,

Aye, programming on DOS was cool (and of course, so was programming without DOS too!)

It is actually frustrating to know what the hardware can do then being limited by some abstraction or emulation that does less. This is why doing terminal work on Linux annoys me: the VT100 emulation is sooooo much less capable than the plain old VGA hardware (or the X11 protocol, of course).

That's one reason why I started making my own terminal emulator <https://github.com/adamdruppe/terminal-emulator> so I can do custom extensions to get some of this back. Key up notifications, easy output when jumping around, etc. Of course, my terminal.d library, like ncurses, can do a lot of that too, there's still the annoying underlying limitations that really don't have to be there.

And good old mode 13h!

But yeah, the floppy disk drive is fun too and doing that driver was something I played with a long time ago with 16 bit code, now that was something painful to get right too! Resetting and aligning the motor, etc., fun.

Like I alluded to at the end though, my favorite part is the noise the drives make :) Real computers are noisy!

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