On Saturday, 24 May 2014 at 00:36:31 UTC, John wrote:
I wish there was more time available.

My poor throat was getting dry near the end anyway...

But I was kinda worried that I was getting too negative at times. My theme was supposed to be encouraging, go ahead and try it, and instead I started complaining about triple faults and ugly code. But oh well, the agony of defeat contributes to the thrill of victory after you finally make it work!

And btw, you were looking great too! :)

thanks! Part of that was that I wanted to be deliberately counter-culture. I almost never see anyone in these tech videos wearing a tie, and while in the facebook building I think I was the only one there too.

(the irony, a conservative business suit is my anti-authoritarian apparel lolololol)

Of course, that's not the /only/ reason I wore it, but it was a nice bonus.

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