On 5/24/2014 3:49 PM, Adam D. Ruppe wrote:

thanks! Part of that was that I wanted to be deliberately
counter-culture. I almost never see anyone in these tech videos wearing
a tie, and while in the facebook building I think I was the only one
there too.

(the irony, a conservative business suit is my anti-authoritarian
apparel lolololol)

My favorite way to be counter-culture is to use slang terms in unexpected contexts. Like using a meme to make a point on a very technical topic. Or more commonly, well gee, I think deadpan delivery of anachronistic slang is just swell, dawg. Bonus pizzoints for mixing all those swingin' tubular eras...I really can dig that (Again, deadpan delivery be paramount). Or concocting me up some pluralities of formalism levels. Similarly, mixed cussing is golly good f**king fun.


(I really do like to deliberately use outdated slang, and the more deadpan the better.)

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