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I mean there is a lot of typo (for e.g. multiple ';' chars at the end of line, import std.stdio : writeln;;;)

Blargh, the code got screwed up something nasty through the revision process (chapter 6 especially, the spacing got totally butchered, the end of virtually every line had random characters, wtf, the file got changed from a .doc to a .docx in that process too which i suspect is to blame) and I thought I fixed all those in the final draft but apparently not...

I suspect that'll get better past chapter 1; chapter one needed so much content revision that I didn't spend as much time on the punctuation in the review process.

Tell me about formatting getting lost while re-formatting. But why on earth do people (publishers / editors) still insist on using .doc and .docx (i.e. MS)!? This is to invite disaster. Laziness? Saving money? Nah, you'll work and pay more in the end. Incompetence? I dunno.

Will epub version be available too?

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