On 6/12/2014 4:49 AM, Chris Cain wrote:

Also, it has suggestions for entropy on
Windows (CryptGenRandom) which is something that will be necessary as well.

It should be RtlGenRandom: It's used by CryptGenRandom, it loads/requires/involves far less unnecessary cruft, and it's well-established as *not* being something MS even *could* change/remove even if they wanted to (due to some of they ways MS themselves already rely on it):


But this updated system entropy generator you suggest already exists:


It's also ready-to-use as part of DAuth (which I admit might need a new name to avoid confusion with the totally unrelated OAuth):


Naturally, it doesn't yet exist in hap.random because, as Joseph said, hap.random's "step one" is to match the current std.random as closely as possible. I'd be happy to put together a PR to adapt my RNG stuff above to hap.random whenever it would be desired.

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