On Tuesday, 10 June 2014 at 23:08:33 UTC, Chris Cain wrote:
4. I'd just like to say the idea of using ranges for seeds gets me giddy because I could totally see a range that queries https://random.org for true random bits to seed with, wrapped by a range that zeroes out the memory on popFront. Convenient and safe (possibly? Needs review before I get excited, obviously) for crypto purposes!

In some scenarios impredictability is not enough. For example, when you generate a session id, an attacker doesn't have to predict it ahead of time, he can guess it at any time later. And if they listen to radio waves - that's an "open protocol", an attacker can setup antenna near their antenna and get the same readings. Cryptographic PRNG and quantum TRNG are better isolated, so it's harder to read them.

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