On Tuesday, 16 September 2014 at 00:11:26 UTC, Vladimir Panteleev wrote:
On Monday, 15 September 2014 at 21:18:53 UTC, dcrepid wrote:
You have to build it yourself, run "make -f win64.mak MODEL=32mscoff" in Druntime and Phobos source directories.

Thanks for the help. Unfortunately, I didn't want 64-bit library/object files so I had to modify the make files to point to the VC2010 32-bit compilers (Win64.mak points to the amd64 folders, so I'm a bit concerned now - did you really create a win32 or win64 exe?).

However, I was able to make the druntime libraries with 32-bit coff libs. The phobos library failed to create though, and I had to manipulate the zlib make files as well to get that lib created.
And after all that, now I keep getting these messages:
std\stdio.d(35): Error: module std.c.stdio import 'FHND_WCHAR' not found std\stdio.d(35): Error: module std.c.stdio import 'FHND_TEXT' not found

I checked all the libraries are there, set DM_HOME, the VC environment variables, put the DMD and DMC bin files in the path, and forced -I includes to point to the right folders, but something is botched somewhere. Bah, I give up!

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