On Wednesday, 1 October 2014 at 15:17:09 UTC, Nick Treleaven wrote:
OK, I'll try it again. I had been using an old-ish Git checkout of Digger, I've updated to 1.0, but I get this error:

$ rdmd --build-only digger
digger.d(6): Error: module wininet is in file 'ae\sys\net\wininet.d' which cannot be read
import path[0] = .
import path[1] = c:\D\dmd2\windows\bin\..\..\src\phobos
import path[2] = c:\D\dmd2\windows\bin\..\..\src\druntime\import
Failed: ["dmd", "-v", "-o-", "digger.d", "-I."]

There is no folder 'net' under ae/sys.

After updating a Git repository with submodules, you need to run "git submodule update" to update the submodules too (ae in this case).

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