On 01/10/2014 04:51, Vladimir Panteleev wrote:
On Tuesday, 30 September 2014 at 12:19:05 UTC, Nick Treleaven wrote:
On 23/09/2014 11:20, Nick Treleaven wrote:
Linking phobos.lib is the first time I've got OOM, I use Firefox
heavily. phobos.lib is only 10 MB, which is why I thought it odd that
linking uses well over 1 GB.

I'm now building Phobos 'myself' with win32.mak rather than with
Digger, and it seems to use under 1 GB (~750 KB). YMMV.

Here I meant 750 MB :-/

Also I think I was wrong to say just 'linking', it seems to be
compiling Phobos as well, so it's understandable why it uses that
amount of memory.

I don't think Digger should use much more memory than when building
things manually. Can you check what's using up memory when using Digger?

With both Digger 1.0 and just win32.mak, building latest phobos.lib took about 792 MB. Sorry for the noise.

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