On 2014-11-04 13:29, Christian Schneider wrote:
what is funky in this context (see above): even when using
ObjcObject in both the mapping and the action method, the test

if (sender is demoTableView) {

does not fail in the action

That will just compare the address of the objects.

, only a cast to a NSTableView object
fails. Of course, in this setting it's not really a problem, I
can work directly on the demoTableView member and can forget
about the sender, but this is against how I would do it in
Objective-C where I can always cast an id reference to the
expected type.

See the reply by Michel. It's probably a bug/oversight in the compiler. As a workaround you can, as you said, use NSObject instead of ObjcObject in both places.

What happens if you declare "doubleClickAction" like this:

void doubleClickAction(NSTableView sender) { ... }

That will probably require a cast when passing the selector to "setDoubleAction".

/Jacob Carlborg

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