Now I know what the problem is. In D, module variables are by default in TLS (thread local storage). To make it refer to a global C variable, use __gshared:

extern (C) extern __gshared NSString NSApplicationDidHideNotification;

Sorry, I completely forgot about that.

Ha, awesome! It works! I'll add this to a wiki page in the DiveFramework github repos.

Thanks again!

Oh, and btw, I was briefly looking into the DMD source for trying to fix myself the issue with the protocol to class instance cast (trying to be useful), but I am seriously completely not hardcore enough of digging anything in there, lol. Anyhow, if you got a hint, let me know. It's not just in the example discussed in my other posts, I found it to be an issue in other places as well, as often framework classes return id / ObjcObject instead of a further typed instance. I don't remember where exactly I had a problem, but I remember I used NSObject instead of ObjcObject in these places, which of course is not the way to go.

Have a nice weekend!

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