I guess you have to live using NSObject for now, until I fixed that. But in practice NSObject is the only root class. So far I've seen one other class, NSProxy, that doesn't inherit from NSObject.

Ok, I had a quick look at this issue. It is implemented but it's not working. There is a test but that's only casting from a class to an interface, not the other way around. Either there's an issue in the druntime function "_dobjc_interface_cast" or in the compiler (most likely in the compiler).

OK, I see. I can live with that for now, it's just a bit unfortunate because then I will have to touch the interface headers again once it works. Just stumbled upon this thing once again while trying to use mutableCopy ;)

It looks like the casting is implemented here [2], or at least parts of it. [2] https://github.com/jacob-carlborg/dmd/blob/d-objc/src/e2ir.c#L3843-L3854

whoa, thanks for that look deep into the abyss ;)

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