Oh, just found out, it seems that currently the extern C declarations don't work. This comes from the original Chocolat range.d

extern (C) {

        NSRange         NSUnionRange(NSRange range1, NSRange range2) ;
        NSRange         NSIntersectionRange(NSRange range1, NSRange range2) ;
        NSString        NSStringFromRange(NSRange range) ;
        NSRange         NSRangeFromString(NSString aString) ;

        NSRange         NSMakeRange(NSUInteger loc, NSUInteger len) ;
        NSUInteger      NSMaxRange(NSRange range) ;
        bool            NSEqualRanges(NSRange range1, NSRange range2) ;

When trying to use NSMakeRange i get:

Undefined symbols for architecture x86_64:
  "_NSMakeRange", referenced from: ....

Also when I tried to declare / use extern strings like from NSApplication.h:

APPKIT_EXTERN NSString *NSApplicationDidHideNotification;

I found no way to get this working. Is this a limitation of the current 64 bit port?

Thanks again. Christian

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