On 2014-11-18 13:47, Christian Schneider wrote:
Speaking of drawing, I have a very serious problem wit NSView. I cannot
call frame() nor bounds() on instances or subclasses and get a valid
NSRect. (same goes for NSWindow frame()).

I had similar problems when working with NSAttributedString and NSRange,
because NSRange from Chocolat was still 32 bit. After fixing this, it
all worked perfectly. The parameter to drawRect, which is a NSRect as
well contains correct values. So it seems to me that the NSRect struct
declared as is should work just fine.

I am trying to implement drawRect in an NSView subclass (in the Portmidi
example, KeyboardView). Everything works fine, NSBezierPath drawing
methods etc., but I cannot call this.frame() nor this.bounds() from
within that method without triggering a runtime segmentation fault.
Often I see this in the crash log as last "message":


Sometimes there is other stuff, but always indicating a memory corruption.

Could it be this issue [1]? Can you please see if you can reproduce it using just plain C.


/Jacob Carlborg

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