On Friday, 13 February 2015 at 09:49:51 UTC, Kelly wrote:
Hello Elie,

Ok, I have merged in the newest LDC with Calypso from github today and built it with vs2013 on Win7 :)

There is a small diff involved in getting things to compile. The resulting ldc2 runs and builds a simple hello world program, but it fails when trying to use calypso.

I guess I've made a mistake with my patch since I am getting an assert in ASTReader with input for calypso to compile. I will look at it tomorrow and once I can get calypso to work I will push to my github fork.

Hoping for better news tomorrow,

Awesome news Kelly. Did you use rebase to merge? You've probably saved me a lot of work which I was planning to do this week-end after seeing your post about Win64 support.

There are a dozen of new commits in store since last week-end for operator support and groundwork for class values, but mapping operators trigger new bugs which prevent std::vector from instantiating so I haven't pushed them yet to master, but do you want me to push them into a new branch so you can merge with the latest?

Let me know when you make your fork available so I can check your merge and then incorporate it into master.

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