On Sunday, 15 February 2015 at 14:03:22 UTC, Elie Morisse wrote:
It's from Calypso actually, the assert is in gen/dcxxclasses.cpp and is only triggered by D classes inheriting from C++ classes with a vtable.

Ah, sorry I see it now...there is the assert and then a backtrace
that indicates that an llvm file had the assert, but the actual
error does print from within dxxclasses.cpp before the assert
code backtrace.

If the rest works as usual on Linux you got the most important covered. I'll check your merge as soon as I'm done fixing a linking error with the std::string example the latest additions introduced, then I'll add the Microsoft VTableContext support so we could get those first working binaries for Windows users :)

Ok, cool. Hopefully that is the only difficulty left.

However LLVM and Clang 3.6 aren't even released yet (next week), IMHO it would be wiser to stick with 3.6 and get LDC/Calypso working with 3.6 until 3.7 is more stable. Did you mean that even LDC can't be built by MSVC with LLVM 3.6 atm?

Actually, I am not totally sure whether the current LDC will
build with 3.6 on Win64. I didn't want to try it until 3.6 is
finalized because building takes forever on Windoze!!!!!!!
Probably 10 times slower than Linux/OSX...and my Win7 machine
is a dual quad-core i7 with 12GB RAM!! A much better machine
than my Linux machines.

Anyways, once 3.6 final comes out we'll have to  see if it
works, I guess.


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