On Sunday, 15 February 2015 at 11:48:50 UTC, Kelly wrote:
Alirighty, Calypso builds and runs on both Linux and Win64 with that last change from today in my fork. Now when I say 'runs' on Linux, I mean it runs properly and fully (compiling and running all examples from Feb 8th)...but when I say 'runs' on Win64, I should say 'runs as far as it can' because there is an internal LLVM assert with getVTableContext "Microsoft VTableContext not yet supported" .... UGH! :(

It's from Calypso actually, the assert is in gen/dcxxclasses.cpp and is only triggered by D classes inheriting from C++ classes with a vtable.

If the rest works as usual on Linux you got the most important covered. I'll check your merge as soon as I'm done fixing a linking error with the std::string example the latest additions introduced, then I'll add the Microsoft VTableContext support so we could get those first working binaries for Windows users :)

However LLVM and Clang 3.6 aren't even released yet (next week), IMHO it would be wiser to stick with 3.6 and get LDC/Calypso working with 3.6 until 3.7 is more stable. Did you mean that even LDC can't be built by MSVC with LLVM 3.6 atm?

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