Alirighty, Calypso builds and runs on both Linux and Win64 with that last change from today in my fork. Now when I say 'runs' on Linux, I mean it runs properly and fully (compiling and running all examples from Feb 8th)...but when I say 'runs' on Win64, I should say 'runs as far as it can' because there is an internal LLVM assert with getVTableContext "Microsoft VTableContext not yet supported" .... UGH! :(

Well...that is a stopper on Win64, period. I imagine this will be addressed fairly quickly because LLVM is moving extremely fast on least I hope that will be the case!!

So that leaves us with Calypso up to the last commit on February 8th, LDC from yesterday (Feb 14th) and with LLVM-3.7/Clang using the revision hashes above.

I will make sure all this builds and works on OS X now...wish me luck :)

I will also try to pull in the latest Calypso commits from the last couple days, and merge it with LDC so that we are all up to date and synced with LDC from yesterday. Unfortunately we are stuck with bleeding edge on all this stuff, (even when LLVM-3.6 stable comes out next week) because most of the Win64 code in LLVM and LDC has been added in just the last few weeks.

Anyways, hopefully you can just spend time on the internal Calypso stuff this way Elie, and not waste time poking around with the Win64 build right now.


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