On Tuesday, 17 February 2015 at 01:53:22 UTC, Elie Morisse wrote:
Hi Kelly,

It's done, I've merged latest LDC upstream + your build fixes into Calypso.

Alright, cool. I pulled it here and things build fine on Linux. Showcase and string examples work nicely.

About Microsoft vtables they work much more differently from the Itanium ones than I thought, it's going to a lot trickier than just a few lines of code so I won't be able to make D classes inheriting from C++ ones work on MSVC until I setup a dev environment on Windows.

Ok, developing on Win is not the nicest right now. I use Qt and it seems like the best option (change to msvc when needed...like to change the Debug/Release build types because the command line and Qt don't seem persistent).

It's just those « D-C++ classes » though, the rest has a better chance to work now.

Ok, I might try to build again here and see how it goes.


P.S. I HATE THIS FORUM EDITOR----please add a preview button, whoever takes care of this!?!? I take notes in a different editor and then paste here and it looks fine, only to end up mangled when actually submitted...ugh!!!! :)

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