On Thursday, 26 February 2015 at 22:27:12 UTC, Namespace wrote:
On Thursday, 26 February 2015 at 22:09:33 UTC, stewarth wrote:
On Thursday, 26 February 2015 at 20:43:20 UTC, Namespace wrote:
I've just pushed the current state of the 0.5.0 version:

It's far from finished but it works. So if anyone has requests, wishes or suggestions: now is the time. :)

That's great :)

At the moment my small test apps don't build due to missing features such as Audio, System.Clock etc. I assume these will be added as work progresses?

No, only the tests in test/main.d are working currently.
But it's possible, that Dgame 0.5.0 will break some things.
E.g. The static make methods in Shape and Surface were converted into CTor calls and I guess that I will abandon Image and TileMap.

Next step is Font, Text and Spritesheet. Then I'll inspect Clock, Power and MessageBox and in the end I'll inspect Audio. I think the most breaking changes will happen here, because I'll use this time SDL_Audio instead of OpenAL.

I'll do some testing over the weekend with what's in place on the 0.5.0 branch and submit bug reports if I find anything.


Thanks, that would be great!

Hey, I'm using tilemap :P

I guess a separate project for tilemaps built on Dgame would be cool. I might look into this during the semester break.

One thing that would be cool is some sort of support for 2D physics. It's probably outside Dgame scope but as a separate project that keeps a consistent API with Dgame would be nice. Kind of like the way SDL, SDL_image, SDL_ttf all do.

Cool, two new projects for me to look into when I should be studying :)


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