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Next step is Font, Text and Spritesheet. Then I'll inspect Clock, Power and MessageBox and in the end I'll inspect Audio. I think the most breaking changes will happen here, because I'll use this time SDL_Audio instead of OpenAL.

Font, Text, Clock (renamed to StopWatch) and Power (renamed to Battery) were also ported. The Audio package also. Spritesheet should be redundant now, because Sprite has now a clipRect, to support the Spritesheet behaviour.

What is left: add missing comments / complete comments and renew the documentation. After that I will update the website.

We are moving forward! :)

Comments are finished so far - the documentation can be generated. I've also begun to update the website and to update the tutorials, but I need at least a whole day to get ready. So I'll be ready in mid-March at the latest - because the next week I have to learn for my exams completely again.
But you can already begin with your tests. ;)

Thank you for updating Dgame so quickly. I'll give it a test later this week and report any issues on github.


Forget to mention: until aldacron fixed DerelictSDL2 (https://github.com/DerelictOrg/DerelictSDL2/issues/39) you have to manually annotate the makros and functions with @nogc. Maybe you should wait, until aldacron fixes this.

The most things are fixed now. But should I organize Dgame like the official DUB style: 'source/Dgame/...'?

I have no idea.

Looks good. Except for the text. It gets longer over time. I added an issue.

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