On Thursday, 26 March 2015 at 12:27:14 UTC, Chris wrote:
Further down the road, people will ask for more features in Go, and there will be patches and more patches, until we'll have Go++.

Quite possible. Being open source it is quite likely that some outsiders create a go++. I can see that coming when/if they get their runtime up to snuff, it could be a promising starting point for new concurrent GC-based languages.

Maybe even a starting point for a D3 language?

This, or they won't get the features and move on to other language. Of course, Google is trying to prevent this by binding as many users as possible right now, so it will be hard to leave. The oldest trick in the IT hat.

... or Google abandons Go! Ha ha ha.

Yeah, I doubt Google care about people leaving Go, or that they have invested all that much in Go. We'll have to keep in mind that they hire 1000s of programmers, spending a few on some experimental programming projects like Go and Dart is probably just reasonable R&D. They also spend R&D on Angular, Polymer, AtScript, the Closure-compiler, and a slew of other projects. As far as I am concerned Google don't back Go until it is fully supported on App Engine.

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