On 03/26/2015 04:44 AM, Gary Willoughby wrote:
I wrote the article in a rush last night (girlfriend calling me to bed)
and as a result it has a few spelling/grammar errors which I've
hopefully corrected.

The article is a total rant about Go after using it over the last month
or so for a project. I honestly was getting so bored with Go and the
article that I was literally falling asleep writing it. lol! Is started
liking Go but after a while I found it increasing difficult trying to
change me way of working to shoehorn solutions into such a simple language.

I know it's a bit unfair in places and it's got a click bait title but
who cares? I got my point across and I think people understand where i'm
coming from. It seems to have got really popular and I've been swamped
with mail, etc. I think it's the most read article i've ever written.
ha! :o)

It's funny how the posts that people love to hate are the biggest successes. On my site, I've made probably about about a hundred or so posts, but by FAR the most popular one based on hits and number of comments (in fact one of the very few that ever gets any hits/comments *at all*), was the one where I just bitched and ranted and swore and vented all about dynamic languages and especially Python. Heck, I got as much appreciative comments as I did disapproving ones. And more still roll in now and then. I really need to put up an ad there ;)

But it really is true, controversy sells.

Of course I'm not saying that makes trolling "good" (although I'm absolutely *amazed* that so many on reddit actually see your article as trolling - it obviously isn't, they clearly didn't even read it. Some of them even think *you're* the one who's calling many programmers "lesser" rather than Rob Pike), but it's amazing how much dissonance there is between what people think they hate to read and what they reward with their time and energy and comments.

Oh, also, I wanted to point out one other thing.

On a modern net where sites that look like this are common:


The visual style on your site is refreshingly easy to look at and read.

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