On Saturday, 25 July 2015 at 12:21:19 UTC, Martin Nowak wrote:
Second beta for the 2.068.0 release.

http://downloads.dlang.org/pre-releases/2.x/2.068.0/ http://ftp.digitalmars.com/

Also available on Travis-CI as dmd-2.068.0-b2.

The changelog (http://dlang.org/changelog.html#2.068.0) contains a list
of all fixed issues that will be included in 2.068.0.
A description of library and language changes is still upcoming.

This beta comes with 27 dmd, 2 druntime, and 4 phobos fixes.


Please report any bugs at https://issues.dlang.org.


Sorry for the following rant but I am frustrated by the poor quality of support for Windows 64 development.


Will the change over to DDMD finally make Win64 a fully supported platform? And will I finally be able to build the most recent code snapshot without having to get a Win64 build toolchain setup (Win64 is not really supported for DMD development: [2])?

I just wasted a lot of time again trying to get Win64 set up on a machine I had to wipe. I had it working for 2.067.1 somehow but was never able to duplicate that on other machines I have. The information at [1] is outdated. Neither the Windows 7 nor 8.1 SDK install a linker for me now for some reason. I had to install VS 2015 to get a 64-bit linker. This fixed the linker not found post installation issue. But then I got a LIBCMT.lib not found issue. I copied it and other library files to the D installation lib64 subdirectory (I couldn't figure out what to modify in the sc.ini file; tried various modifications). Now I am getting a cryptic LNK4229 error that makes no sense to me. At this point I quit.

I shouldn't have to modify the sc.ini file at all to get any of this working. This is after using the Windows installer and when I use the -m64 compilation switch.

By way of comparison, I can download other languages and run their installer. After that everything just works: linker included. Why do I have to install a MS toolchain just to get 64-bit linking for DMD?

I like D a lot. I have been using it for a while. But I have always had trouble with Win64 development. I need that platform for my work. But I will have to dev on Linux again just for 64-bit support. And hope that this can finally get fixed. Although I am real close to just walking away on this one.


Hope this can be fixed.



[1] http://wiki.dlang.org/Installing_DMD_on_64-bit_Windows_7_(COFF-compatible)
[2] http://wiki.dlang.org/Building_DMD -- Windows - step by step

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