On Monday, 27 July 2015 at 18:58:33 UTC, Joseph Cassman wrote:
I just wasted a lot of time again trying to get Win64 set up on a machine I had to wipe. I had it working for 2.067.1 somehow but was never able to duplicate that on other machines I have. The information at [1] is outdated. Neither the Windows 7 nor 8.1 SDK install a linker for me now for some reason. I had to install VS 2015 to get a 64-bit linker. This fixed the linker not found post installation issue. But then I got a LIBCMT.lib not found issue. I copied it and other library files to the D installation lib64 subdirectory (I couldn't figure out what to modify in the sc.ini file; tried various modifications). Now I am getting a cryptic LNK4229 error that makes no sense to me. At this point I quit.

Depending on Microsoft's libc and linker for 64-bit is an unfortunate dependency and can cause some hassle. An alternative would be appreciated, but I'm not aware of any. There is some code in the installer, that detects your SDK, but if you installed it after dmd it won't work. Isn't there some feedback about SDKs during installation?

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