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schrieb Ali Çehreli <>:

> On 08/20/2015 07:02 AM, Johannes Pfau wrote:
>  > BTW: For everybody searching on Use the full title
>  > "Programming in D: Tutorial and Reference". If you only search for
>  > "Programming in D" it's not on the first few result pages...
> Thanks for the tip. I think Amazon's search engine is slowly learning 
> and perhaps the European site is a little behind.
> Just "Programming in D" with quotes were sufficient to find on the US 
> site right away. Today, it is on the first search page even when 
> searched without the quotes (still at the bottom though). (Of course, 
> the results may be customized for the logged in user; I don't know.)
> Ali

"Programming in D" with quotes seems to work on the german
page as well. I first searched without quotes and erroneously assumed
it's not available from I guess this might improve once
enough copies have been sold, but this of course takes some more time on
the german amazon page ;-)

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