On 09/08/2015 02:43 AM, Ali Çehreli wrote:
> I have just completed submitting the book at IngramSpark as well. This
> will give the book a chance to appear on book shelves, which I find
> important because I think seeing and touching a book has an effect on
> anybody visiting a book shop.
> Interestingly, the IngramSpark edition has a separate ISBN, less number
> of pages, and has a different price. For example, although the list
> price of the currently available book is $28.50, the IngramSpark edition
> will cost $33.33. This is to be able to give brick-and-mortar
> booksellers sufficient discount so that the book is interesting to them
> to put on their shelves. To me, the difference in price covers the
> shipping cost and eliminates any shipment waits. You go to the store and
> get the book! It feels more natural. :)
> This edition will have 682 pages as opposed to the 798 pages of the
> current book. However, the content is the same. The difference comes
> from slightly smaller font (9.75pt versus 10pt), less margins, and
> inline curly brackets (aka Egyptian brackets) throughout. I have already
> ordered a proof copy...
> Anyway, thanks again,
> Ali

I understand that you may not have the IngramSpark edition yet, so an
answer may have to wait:

Which publisher produces the better book?  Is one bound better, etc.?

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