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> it's so much nicer to read it in print than PDF.

Thank you all, for your kind words!

Strange, but perhaps because I was raised with real books, I completely agree that physical books feel better. :)

Let me use this opportunity to give a short report.

As of now, in the three weeks that the book has been available, there were 61 copies sold. This means that almost one third of my out of pocket expenses have been covered at this time. Obviously, it will take much longer to cover the remaining amount. If you are curious, the expense was for the tool that I used for converting from HTML to PDF (Prince XML), for the cover art and design, for copies that I bought myself to give away (marketing cost).

I have just completed submitting the book at IngramSpark as well. This will give the book a chance to appear on book shelves, which I find important because I think seeing and touching a book has an effect on anybody visiting a book shop.

Interestingly, the IngramSpark edition has a separate ISBN, less number of pages, and has a different price. For example, although the list price of the currently available book is $28.50, the IngramSpark edition will cost $33.33. This is to be able to give brick-and-mortar booksellers sufficient discount so that the book is interesting to them to put on their shelves. To me, the difference in price covers the shipping cost and eliminates any shipment waits. You go to the store and get the book! It feels more natural. :)

This edition will have 682 pages as opposed to the 798 pages of the current book. However, the content is the same. The difference comes from slightly smaller font (9.75pt versus 10pt), less margins, and inline curly brackets (aka Egyptian brackets) throughout. I have already ordered a proof copy...

Anyway, thanks again,

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