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If you want to build a really revolutionary *new* build system you should turn reggae into a client-server-architecture that listens to file moves/copies/notifications via inotify on Linux. I'm not sure how the develop/builder interface would look like then, however. A web-client would be one way.

SCons has a very hidden feature called interactive mode via `--interactive` that supports instantaenous incremental builds via a very primitive CLI that basically supports to commands:

- build/b TARGET
- clean/c TARGET

This however does not rebuild the dependency tree between invokations which is a serious limitation. I believe reggae could be even smarter here.

I've spent the last two years designing and implementing a SCons-based build system at work. Involving, among others, adding support for Ada and auto-detection of include-paths as you have done in reggae.

I you want any advice on this matter please contact me. I'd be glad to be of service.

Good luck!

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