On Friday 25 September 2015 23:27, Atila Neves wrote:

> How does one compile 3 files "at the same time" and generate 3 
> object files? There was a reference to a -multiobj option in that 
> post but that's not even in the man page.

dmd -c foo.d bar.d baz.d

rdmd would probably do this by now, if it weren't for the template 
instantiation issue. There's a nice, simple example of the issue in the PR 

> Even if it exists and works as I assume it does, it seems to me 
> to be a silly way to compile files. As Andrei mentioned at DConf 
> this year, the D idiom is to group source files per package when 
> compiling. That's what reggae does by default for D files. It 
> just works.

Aside from the template instantiation issue, I don't see how doing a package 
at a time is better than compiling exactly those files that need to be 

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