This is another set of binaries and universal libs for the experimental
LDC iOS cross-compiler.  It is now based on LDC 0.16.1 (2.067.1) and
LLVM 3.6.2.

Feedback appreciated, especially since iOS support may get into official
LDC sometime soon.  This is a good time to voice an opinion on the

The release download ldc2-ios-0.16.1-151104-osx.tar.xz should have
everything needed to run on an OS X build host in the same fashion as an
LDC release.

Binary is named iphoneos-ldc2 so you can have both it and a native ldc2
in your PATH.  Usage of iphoneos-ldc2 is the same as ldc2 with the
addition of clang style -arch option to select the iOS architecture to
compile code for.  Valid -arch options are armv6, armv7, armv7s, arm64,
X86_64, or i386 (armv6 is not included in the druntime/phobos universal
libs however).

Xcode or similar is needed to link and bundle an iOS app.

Xcode is not D aware and a working plugin is needed.  In the meantime,
xc-iphoneos-dc in the bin dir can be used as a custom *.d build script.
Or you can compile D source externally and add your libraries/object
files to an Xcode project.

If you want to build LDC and the libs yourself, instructions are at:

It is not a quick build because druntime and phobos have to be compiled
for five architectures (armv7, armv7s, arm64, i386, and x86_64).

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