On Saturday, 7 November 2015 at 20:34:06 UTC, Dan Olson wrote:
Joakim <dl...@joakim.fea.st> writes:
Hmm, that's strange, this commit didn't fix the 64-bit issues for you? I believe it fixed them for me on Android/ARM:


Yes, but there is still one case not working for both iOS armv7 and arm64 in 0.16.1. It is only off by one ulp so I'll make a PR for that.


OK, somehow doesn't assert for me on Android/ARMv7.

And then this new stuff in 2.068 is failing in various places.


Yeah, that's the new function I mentioned earlier. Initializing the constant maxY ends up calling log2 through CTFE, the intrinsic for which doesn't exist in Kai's longdouble2 branch. I was going to look at writing one, feel free to beat me to it. ;)

Or if you added that log2 to your branch already, could be other issues too, haven't gotten that far.

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