On Thursday, 5 November 2015 at 15:45:35 UTC, Dan Olson wrote:
tvOS is essentially iOS and doesn't require bitcode (yet) like watchOS. I am looking at adding it soon because Xcode 7 enables it by default.

I just looked it up, their official docs say bitcode is required for both tvOS and watchOS:


I don't totally appreciate all the possible bitcode problems, but one of the suggestions that apps can be updated for new CPUs without rebuilding doesn't make sense. The IR/bitcode from clang for arm64 and armv7 is different. They would have to make all the ABIs identical first or have LLVM backend do more of the ABI work.

Yeah, that's what google did with PNaCl, stabilize on one format and make it as architecture-agnostic as possible:


Maybe Apple doesn't really care about running on different architectures, but I wonder what they're doing to handle changes in the llvm bitcode format over time.

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