Joakim <> writes:

> Great, your last announcement was linked in reddit comments about the
> 2.069 release, when asked about iOS support.
> On Thursday, 5 November 2015 at 08:05:39 UTC, Dan Olson wrote:
>> Just noticed that tvOS and watchOS are now present in LLVM, so I
>> think support for these could be added to LDC soon too.
> WatchOS and tvOS are bitcode-only, right?  Have they specified their
> bitcode format yet or is it just whatever clang spits out?  I thought
> there were problems with that because of bitcode format changes over
> time and other platform issues, that the PNaCl guys had to work on
> solving.  I wonder if you'll have similar issues with the bitcode ldc
> spits out.

tvOS is essentially iOS and doesn't require bitcode (yet) like watchOS.
I am looking at adding it soon because Xcode 7 enables it by default.

I don't totally appreciate all the possible bitcode problems, but one of
the suggestions that apps can be updated for new CPUs without rebuilding
doesn't make sense.  The IR/bitcode from clang for arm64 and armv7 is
different.  They would have to make all the ABIs identical first or have
LLVM backend do more of the ABI work.

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