On Saturday, 28 November 2015 at 20:27:02 UTC, Warwick wrote:
Just to play devils advocate... you haven't proved GC can do real time if you achieve it by quarantining the real time code from the GC.

Well I think it is a fair thing to do. GC is a tradeoff, and while not usable in all situations, makes thing way simpler when it is usable. The usual story is my ho so important real time thing can't possibly tolerate a GC, while, really, most of the code is going to do mundane tasks like UI and only a small portion of it really needs not to have the GC in its way.

It just good engineering to use the tools available when appropriate.

It's kind of like saying you can climb a mountain on a bycicle if you get of an carry it on the bits that are too steep.

As opposed to "you can't climb a mountain with a bike, so you must not go to the shop buying climbing equipment with a bike either".

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