Last week, I posted in the general forum my dream for better D docs. Today, about 4 days of work later, I'm about 1/4 of the way there.

Still a long way to go, but I've already come so far.

First, behold my old site. Yes, it is still up and now it ties into my new docs! You can use it to quickly jump to a doc given its name:

Inspired by the php docs, I also have it able to search direct from a URL. Click this:

and it automatically sends you here:

I haven't run all of Phobos through my generator yet (it still crashes on some of it) but I have run a lot of it through so you can browse around and get a feel.

I also described why in This Week in D last night:

While I'm still probably at least a month away from having this really finished, I feel it is already a massive improvement on the main docs and wanted to announce it so other people can give it a try too.

Once I finish the generator, I'll start writing new articles to fill in some of the dummy links there, and perhaps make minor changes to Phobos itself (if I can make changes that help me without hurting the existing ddoc based site or source legibility). The new articles are a big part of the work too!

Finally, when I am happy with this program, I will document the doc generator and release it for other people to use too.

But until then, have fun playing with!

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