On 1/2/16 2:31 PM, JohnCK wrote:
On Wednesday, 30 December 2015 at 23:05:11 UTC, Adam D. Ruppe wrote:
This huge friction has killed my desire to contribute to Phobos before
and it looks like it is again.

the difference is this time, I have my own fork so the community
doesn't have to lose out.

Please keep the good work. The current documentation is a mess, but the
"heads" can't see it.

I have a lot a free time, I'd already pointed out the error links you
gave on the other response, but in fact I'd like to fix by myself, but
then I see how hard is the current process that I couldn't go with it.

But currently I'm looking to your project and maybe I could help there.

A few follow-up questions, all serious:

Do the projected advantages of Adam's project do not include ease of contribution? If so, how?

Would it be productive to reduce friction to contribute to the current two documentation systems we have, instead of coming with a third system that is likely to have its own issues?

What are the exact difficulties of improving the documentation that you just cannot push past in spite of having time and willingness to contribute?


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