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I can ask, but given that the Xenial final freeze is on 24. April (release on 26.) and changing compiler versions that late in the cycle is potentially dangerous, I guess there is only a slim chance of success... On the pro-side is that having a beta compiler in the LTS release is undesirable, but even then I need to find an Ubuntu developer who does have time to do the sync and get the feature-freeze-exception. LDC FTBFSing on armel in Debian (and not entering testing due to that at time) is also an issue :-/

Ouch :-( Well, if you are happy to look into it, that would be great -- no pressure, though. :-)

FTR, I filed https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ldc/+bug/1570006 - if we are lucky, this still has a chance to go in.

As for further dub stuff, it is important that https://github.com/D-Programming-Language/dub/issues/811 is addressed, so we can build software using dub without downloading stuff from the internet. Btw, since D doesn't know traditional headers like C/C++, how would I link against a library without having the full sourcecode present somewhere?

Ideally, we would compile something like mustache-d[1] when building a .deb package for it, then have a dependency on that library pick up the prebuilt static library (or dynamic library, ideally, if there is one) and link against it (so we don't rebuild the code over and over again). There doesn't seem to be a way though to export the interfaces a D library provides to link against a D library at time, so we likely would need to ship the full source additionally to the D library in the -dev package, and have dub figure out the details (make it pick up the existing binary instead of recompiling the module)... These issues need to be solved for any distro, not only Debian, before packaging D code that is using dub becomes easily possible (ideally, a solution exists already, that I just don't know about yet ^^).

[1]: https://github.com/repeatedly/mustache-d

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