Hi everyone!

For a while I was looking for a computer vision library in D on the web, but haven't found any. There were few libraries I found, providing some basic image processing functionality, but none that could be remotely compared to opencv or other similar open source computer vision toolkits present for other languages. Surely for a year, even maybe two, this has been stopping me to switch completely to D from C/C++.

Anyhow, lately I've started working on such library [1]. The plan at first was to implement the most basic computer vision algorithms, on top of which other more complex algorithms could be built on. So far, I've mostly had experience with feature correspondence, optical flow and stereo vision, so those would probably be the first few modules I'd implement.

But I was really hopping to find other computer vision people in the D community, that would like the idea and help out. I'm not well experienced in D, and also It's fair to say that I'm not experienced well enough in computer vision area to take on an undertaking such as writing this library alone. So I feel it's evident that I'd need some help, to make this library usable to other computer vision scientists and engineers.

Is there anyone who would like to join me?


[1] https://github.com/ljubobratovicrelja/dcv

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